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China Wealth Management Research Center

With the rapid development of economy in China, the total Chinese family wealth and the number of high net worth families expand quickly. According to data from 2013 China Private Wealth Report compiled by China Merchants Bank/Bain & Company, Chinese individuals and families hold investible assets of 80 trillion RMB Yuan; an average annual compound growth rate reaches 14%; the population of high net worth individuals who holds investible assets more than 10 million RMB Yuan is more than 700 thousand; investible assets per capita is about 31 million RMB Yuan; the sum of investible assets is 22 trillion RMB Yuan.

However, as the wealth-making generation ages, the wave of family wealth transmission is coming, Chinese high net worth families will face the great challenge "from clogs to clogs is only three generations" or even “from clogs to clogs is only two generations.” It is the responsibility of PBC School of Finance to help Chinese families implement the transmission of material wealth, spiritual wealth, and social responsibilities, and to infuse fresh wisdom and vitality into the sustained and healthy development of the Chinese economy. A deeper exploration of Chinese family wealth is not only conducive to facilitating the integration and promotion of the wealth management industry and to promote financial innovation, but also beneficial to the maintenance, appreciation, and stability of the national wealth.

China Family Wealth Research Center is affiliated with Tsinghua University National Institute of Financial Research. The center focuses research on Chinese family wealth, including family wealth strategic planning, family financial instruments (family trust, family office), financial institutions relevant to family wealth (private Banks, trust companies, insurance companies, securities companies, fund companies, etc.), family wealth allocation (stocks, bonds, currencies/foreign exchange, commodities, PE/VC, real estate and alternative investments, etc.), etc.

The Center’s director is Dr. Xuan Tian, an Assistant Dean, JD Capital Chair Profess of Finance at PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University. Professor Tian spends a long time in the United States engaging in research and teaching entrepreneurial finance and corporate innovation. He has abundant theoretical and practical experience, and significant achievements in research and teaching. The Center’s staff includes outstanding full-time and part-time researchers both in China and abroad, and a group of excellent talents with academic background at home and abroad as research assistants to study Chinese family wealth planning, management, and transmission.


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