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Mayor of Incheon SONG Young-gil Speaks at the Tsinghua PBCSF Financier Forum


On December 9, SONG Young-gil, mayor of Incheon, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Building the Yellow Sea into the second Mediterranean" to close to 100 Tsinghua students.

He introduced the Incheon Free Economic Zoneupcoming Incheon Asian Games 2014, elaborating on the enhancing of China-Korea regional economictrade cooperation.

Scene of Tsinghua PBCSF Financier Forum

Environment was also SONG's main concern. Climatic change is a global problem, China is no exception, he noted. Tsinghua University is advantageous in environmental engineeringenergy research,ChinaKorea can cooperate on carbon emission reductionenergy efficiency improvement, he said, hoping to make his due contribution to global carbon emission reduction.

Before the speech, School leaders met the delegation. KANG Yitong, associate dean, presided over the event.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between ChinaKorea, China-Korea economictrade relations have developed rapidlyChina has become Korea's largest trade partner. The two countries are negotiating about bilateral free trade zones,the recent negotiation exactly took place in Incheon. In recent years, Incheon has intensified airportport construction, thus becoming a bridgehead of China-Korea economictrade exchanges. The Incheon Free Economic Zone, the Incheon University Town which has taken shapethe upcoming Incheon Asian Games 2014 will become important approaches to further deepen China-Korea cooperation.

He opened his speech with his knowledge of Chinese historyChina's modern reformopening up in Chinese, showing his strong interest in Chinese culture.


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