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Tsinghua PBCSF Hosts “Talks on Capital Markets” Lecture Series


On April 16, Tsinghua PBCSF hosted the first lecture of the “Talks on Capital Markets” series at the university auditorium. Director-General of Research Center, the think-tank of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Chief Executive Dean of Beijing Institute of Securities and Futures Qi Bin opened the event, explaining capital market reform in the recent decade.

Qin Bin’s lecture focused on issues of capital market innovation and reform, as well as the Chinese stock market and the development of Internet finance. He  acknowledged that the opening of the stock market in Hong Kong and Shanghai have had positive effects on both the internationalization of the Renminbi and on the stable incorporation of these two cities with the economy of mainland China. 

Despite the massive challenges that lay ahead for China’s economic development, Qi Bin expressed an unshakable hope that by continuing with a spirit of reform and innovation and a respect for the law, China can escape the middle income trap and transform itself into a modern, world leading nation. 

The “Talks on Capital Markets” series is sponsored by Tsinghua PBCSF and the Peking University Guanghua School of Management, with support from the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Beijing Institute of Securities and Futures. The series has attracted major attention from the financial industry and academia, as well as full coverage from financial media.

Edited by Steven Salenik


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