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2016 Tsinghua-Cornell Dual-degree MBA Finance Program Organizes First Study Visit to the US


On October 14th, the first study visit to the US for 2016 Dual-degree MBA Finance students ended with a dinner at Taughannock Farms Inn, Ithaca, NY. The Program is jointly organized by PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University and S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

The Program’s overseas courses include Microeconomics for Management by Prof. Armin Rick, Financial Accounting by Prof. Radha B. Radhakrishna, Marketing Management by Prof. Douglas M. Stayman, and Critical and Strategic Thinking by Prof. Risa M. Mish. Through group study and cooperative learning, students from different academic backgrounds successfully completed all the courses and passed the final test. 

During the time at Cornell University, the Program arranged a variety of extracurricular activities. Touring the campus, students were deeply impressed by the University’s 151-year history. They were also invited to visit Prof. Mark W. Nelson, Dean of S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, and Prof. Chen Yaru, Academic Dean of China Initiatives at S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management. In addition to the communication with full-time students of MBA program at Cornell, the students also participated in outdoor activities such as boating, hiking and rock climbing to enrich their free time.

The Dual-degree Finance MBA Program targets mid-level managers in financial markets, professionals with a financial background working in other industries, and government employees in related fields. The Program strives to provide high potential business leaders with strong financial knowledge and management skills while preparing them for their future roles for leading Chinese businesses in an increasingly globalized world.


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