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NIFR Launches China Insurance and Pension Research Center


The launching ceremony of China Insurance and Pension Research Center of National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University (NIFR) was held on Nov. 20th, 2016. Zhao Cen, Associate Dean of Tsinghua PBCSF and Director of China Insurance and Pension Research Center, hosted the ceremony.

Liao Li, Executive Associate Dean of Tsinghua PBCSF, expressed his gratitude to the supporting institutions and enterprises. He stated that China has become the third largest insurance market that is expanding at a high growth rate. But the insurance industry still has its problems where researches and innovations are in need. The newly established research center holds the responsibilities to contribute to the industry development by building up the international frontier innovative research platform for high talent cultivation and communication, and as the incubator for interactive entrepreneurship.

Li Kemu, Former Chairman of CIRC, Wei Yingning, Former Vice-Chairman of CIRC, Zhou Yanli, Former Vice-Chairman of CIRC, Jiang Bo, Director of CIRC International Department, Cao Deyun, Executive Vice President and Secretory of China Insurance Asset Management Association, Wan Feng, President and CEO of Xinhua Life Insurance Company, Xie Bin, President of One Belt One Road Fund, Zhao Ziliang, General Manager of Huaxia Life Insurance Co. Ltd, and Jiang Tao, President and CEO of Tongdun Technology Co.,Ltd, joined the ceremony.

Under the supervision of regulatory institutions including CIRC and China Insurance Asset Management Association, initiated by Tsinghua PBCSF, the China Insurance and Pension Research Center focuses on building top think tank platform in insurance and pension research. The Center is led by the board and advisory committee, which are joined by experts and scholars from the academia, industry and enterprises.

The NIFR aims to build up a top think tank in finance, dedicated to producing high-quality policy research on deepening the reform of China’s financial structure, perfecting modern financial infrastructure, improving financial industry regulation, promoting financial product innovation, and maintaining the stability of the financial system. To date, there have been 13 research centers established under the NIFR.


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