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US Senior Congressional Official Delegation Visits the School


On December 2nd, a group of 14 US congressional delegates paid a visit to Tsinghua PBC School of Finance (Tsinghua PBCSF) at the invitation of the US-Asia Institute of Foreign Affairs. Delegates were welcomed by KANG Yitong, School’s Associate Dean, TIAN Xuan, Assistant Dean and Director of Dual-degree Finance MBA program, and CHEN Yaru, Academic Dean for China Initiatives at the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

KANG briefed the School’s basic facts and international exchange programs, especially those with universities in the US. He said that the School always attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation to cultivate future financial leaders active on the international stage. The Dual-degree Finance MBA program, jointly launched with the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, is a pioneering MBA program in China awarding degree by two world-class business schools and has far-reaching impacts in this field.

Mr. J Mark Johnston, the delegation group leader, highly commended PBCSF on its contribution to the development of China’s financial industry. Mr. Johnston thinks the International Programs have great value of reference for Sino-US collaboration in education and hopes to learn about China’s current economic situation on this visit.

TIAN Xuan gave a general introduction about the Dual-degree Finance MBA program in the followed dinner reception. Over 50 MBA student representatives communicated with the US senior congressional officials on the current situation and development prospect of the financial industry in China and impressed the guests while exchanging views on hot political and economic issues.


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