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ZHU Min Is Announced the Head of NIFR


Approved by People’s Bank of China and Tsinghua University, ZHU Min, Former Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China and Deputy Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), is announced as the Head of National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University (NIFR).

Since the inauguration, ZHU Min was busy engaging in discussions with professionals of domestic financial industry and faculty of the School, concerning” the prospect of NIFR”.

In regard to the positioning of NIFR, ZHU Min thinks “NIFR should view and analyze issues on the state level and with the global vision. NIFR should have its own individual voice of high academic standard”. As a University affiliated think tank, ZHU Min believes NIFR should also emphasis on “teaching benefits teachers as well as students” and talent cultivation. Improving the linkage role of finance and technology, making full advantage of Tsinghua’s abundant research basis, NIFR shall integrate finance and technology innovation, and promote technology innovation to practical application.

To better present the research achievement, ZHU Min hopes NIFR will express its unique voice through various means of academic communications, including forums, magazines, and seminars. In this “golden age”, he also encourages NIFR researchers to form a “broad vision” and present their “most daring effort” for research.

As the first IMF managing member from China, ZHU Min showed his broad global vision. His research background includes Johns Hopkins University, World Bank, IMF and others. Under the guidance of ZHU Min, NIFR will set up the two-way mechanism of “inviting in and going abroad”. Through means of building up the exchange visits, and co-hosting academic seminars with international financial institutes, NIFR will engage in expanding its international reputation.

The National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University (NIFR) was built through joint efforts of the central bank, national financial regulators, and Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance as a China’s top think-tank in finance. NIFR is dedicated to producing high-quality policy research with transformative impact on China’s financial reform, perfecting modern financial infrastructure, improving financial industry regulation, promoting financial product innovation, and maintaining the stability of the financial system. NIFR currently has 14 affiliated research centers and 1 Fintech lab. 


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