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2017 China Financial Research Conference Draws To a Close


On July 11, 2017 China Financial Research Conference (CFRC 2017) draws to a successful conclusion at PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University. The two-day conference is hosted jointly by Tsinghua PBCSF and Tsinghua NIFR (Tsinghua University National Institute of Financial Research). Around 400 scholars at home and abroad convened to share their researches and join in-depth discussions on topical issues.  

In the keynote speech “Trends of China’s Financial Reform”, Lin Yifu, Professor and Honorary Dean of Peking University National School of Development, emphasized that, with China’s industrial structure developing along with economic growth, financial reform is expected to meet the increasing financing demands from industrial sectors, to provide utilized services to enterprises with comparative advantages and in a long run to contribute to China’s economic growth.

Mizuho Financial Group Professor Wang Jiang from the MIT Sloan School of Management spoke on “Research on China’s Financial Market: from a unique perspective” and shared his ideas from the perspectives of risk and return, market manipulation and regulatory system. By setting up the theoretical models of market manipulation and circuit-breaker mechanism, he looked into the common features of different markets and explored new research methods.

The CFRC received a total of 519 articles by February since its first call for papers globally in November, 2016. The topics include China’s debt market, investor behavior, international trade, environmental pollution, corporate governance, etc. Through careful revision and evaluation by the Conference selection committee, 54 papers were chosen to be presented at the Conference.

The China Financial Research Conference (CFRC) provides a high-quality academic exchange platform, where finance scholars and practitioners worldwide can share their research on finance issues in China and exchange ideas on new developments, with the ultimate goal of reforming China’s financial system and encouraging financial innovation.   


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