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53 International Students Participated in the 2018 Financial Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Program


       On July 1, the 2018 Tsinghua PBCSF Financial Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Program begins, with 53 international students from 18 countries and regions leaving their signatures on the sign-in board. The participants represent 18 world renowned universities and institutions, including the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Princeton University, Boston University, National University of Australia, University of Sydney, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Hochshcule der Deutschen Bundesbank / University of Applied Sciences, Central Bank of Hungary, and other exchange partners of Tsinghua PBCSF.

       Associate Dean Kang Yitong addressed the opening ceremony, wishing the participants could establish strong networks with fellow students in the same field of expertise and benefit from the two-week program in Beijing. 

       The two-week program, from July 2 to13, invites professors from Tsinghua University and industry elites with extensive experience at top financial entities to lecture on topics of China’s economy and financial markets, Chinese society and politics, and intercultural communication, in order to help the students gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of Chinese financial system and culture.

       In addition to lecture studies, the program hosted a variety of cultural and social activities, including Great Wall tour, and culture lessons covering calligraphy, martial art and Chinese paper-cutting, to enrich participants’ experience of China’s history and traditional culture. Students with different cultural backgrounds enjoyed local life and were fascinated by the charming capital city. 

       After two weeks, the summer program concluded on July 13th with a graduation ceremony featured group presentations and certificate awarding. At the ceremony, student representatives shared their 2-week experiences and expressed their thanks to the School for offering them such a wonderful learning opportunity to get to know China and China’s financial market.

       Serdar Aslan from the University of Reading described his experience in the program as “astonishing, awesome and amazing”, “the professional experience of meeting professors, practitioners and researchers was especially helpful to have a better grasp of China’s financial market”.

       “It was great fun making friends with program fellows from different countries and learning the rich history that Beijing and China carries”, said Pearl Nyaosi from the University of Cambridge.

       Patrick Stricker from Hochshcule der Deutschen Bundesbank / University of Applied Sciences found the program exciting and interesting to communicate with students from different backgrounds. He is also surprised to find how Wechat pay as part of Fintech works so efficiently in China.

       The Financial Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Program, in its sixth year, is a two week international program hosted by the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University. First started in the year 2013, the program opens a window for international students to understand China’s financial market and has been serving as a platform for exchanges between the School and overseas top universities.


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