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About the Executive Education Program

The Executive Education programs develop leaders who will direct the growth of the finance industry. They utilize the School’s faculty resources and Tsinghua University’s vast collection of research to offer custom, open-enrollment and certification programs.These world-class programs are grounded in the latest industry trends and rely on both global and domestic resources to address current and future challenges.

The Executive Education programs are known for their close integration of theory and practice. The program faculty is composed of world-renowned scholars and executives from a wide range of domestic and overseas entities. By including studies in finance, economics and management, and in the latest technological development and social phenomena, the Executive Education programs offer courses for professionals and institutions in the financial industry. 

Custom Programs
Custom programs are targeted at mid- to senior-level executives and veteran financial professionals, with curricula specifically designed to encourage new development strategy and innovative industry practices. In order to meet the demands of the clients, each program has a faculty director to lead the design and delivery of the program.

Open-enrollment Programs
Open-enrollment programs meet the requirements of both non-financial executives and financial professionals, addressing developments in international affairs, industry innovation, and market trends. The programs can be long or short term.
For non-financial executives, the focus is on predicting developmental trends, improving corporate governance, and developing a financial mind-set and cross-cultural leadership skills. Some representative programs include the Global Financial Leaders Program, Leadership Program for Financial Institutions, and Family Business Programs. For financial professionals, programs such as Global Investment, Wealth Management, Market Value Management, Finance Derivatives and Risk Management aim to enhance their professional expertise.

Certification Programs

The certification programs are devoted to improving the professional skills for both financial and non-financial professionals, and promoting the standard setting of the domestic financial industry.

Representative Programs

Family Business Program (for families in businesses)

Tsinghua PBCSF joined hands with the Harvard Business School, IMD, Hong Kong University, and other world-famous business schools, as well as prestigious long lasting family enterprises including Hermès and Ermenegildo Zegna, to create a “Global Family Business Program" for families in businesses in China. We explore how Chinese private enterprises can better lead and pass their businesses to the next generation in the age of globalization by explaining family governance, family succession and successor cultivation, as well as the governance and legal structures available to protect family wealth.   
Family Wealth Management Program (for financial institutions)
The Family Wealth Management program helps families in businesses and wealth management institutions (private banks, trust companies, family offices and private equity, etc.) to protect their wealth for future generations by discussing family wealth planning and financial tools such as family trusts, family offices, and family foundations.
Internet Finance
In the Internet Finance program, industry leaders and senior researchers from academia and finance regulators explain how internet finance has developed over time, and discuss predictions for its future growth.
Dialogues between Capital and Technology
In this program, participants learn to analyze new technological developments and modern financial concepts as they relate to the creation of successful new businesses.
Market Value Management
China has entered a new era in wealth management, with market value management becoming more important than ever to investors. This program will explore the concept of market value management and how it is relevant to investors, consumers, and overall economic development.

Advanced Program for Commercial Banks
This program consists of 7 modules from liberalization of interest rates and securitization of credit assets, to micro finance, wealth management, family business succession, Internet finance, and capital management. It allows banking professionals to understand the underlying trends of China’s financial reform. 

Corporate Finance Consultant Certificate Program

The Corporate Finance Consultant Certificate (CFC) program targets professionals working in financial institutions, such as commercial banks, securities companies, insurance companies, trust companies, third-party financial planning agencies, and consultants who offer investment and financing related services to enterprises. 

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