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The Finance@Internet Lab, founded by Tsinghua University’s PBC School of Finance in April 2012, is the first research entity focusing on the area of internet finance nationwide. Utilizing the resources of Tsinghua University, it is an ideal platform for transforming ideas into innovative products and real-world business assets. The Lab is dedicated to leading industry best practice, promoting interdisciplinary innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, and driving the growth of online and mobile financial services.


The Lab now consists of four departments, supporting basic research, quantitative research, R&D projects, and entrepreneurship education respectively. It now has a full-time research team of nearly 50 members, with core members including Tsinghua University alumni who have years of experience in the financial services industry. It is also assisted by several dozen part-time researchers and interns.


Basic Research

Researchers working with the Lab have completed over 50 case studies and surveyed over 100 internet finance businesses world-wide, covering 11 sub-areas of internet finance. The Lab also edits and publishes Finance@Internet Watch, a magazine devoted to this area.


Quantitative Research

Focusing on big data, the quantitative research team conducts in-depth research on risk assessment techniques. As of April 2014, it has developed and implemented independent research on Classic Credit Risk Assessment Model for Individuals and Small & Micro Businesses, Credit Assessment Model Based on Big Data, Regulation, Operation and Technical Support for Global Credit Reporting Systems, and many more. The Lab is also collaborating with multiple domestic institutions on a research project named Risk Control on Online Loaning in China.


R&D Projects

The Lab creates incubation platforms for innovative internet finance venture companies. The projects incubated or under review include, an Internet finance gateway website,, a website for family finance management education, PBCSF Finance Review, and Bull’s Eye Investing Directory.


In addition, our WeChat account “iefinance” attracts a large number of followers and was nominated for a place in the top 10 most influential finance WeChat accounts in China.


Entrepreneurship Education

A national public entrepreneurial education platform with the biggest attendee size, most seasoned faculty, and the largest presence nationwide.

The Lab benefits business startups in China and the world through hosting the China Entrepreneur Camps, creating and updating the FIN100 entrepreneur accelerator (Finance

Innovation Network), and launching an entrepreneur Q&A APP.


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