2015 Journal Publications


English Journal Publications

Jess Cornaggia, Yifei Mao, Xuan Tian, Brian Wolfe, "Does banking competition affect innovationJournal of Financial Economics, vol. 115 (1),pp189-209.2015.

Massimo Massa, Wenlan Qian and Weibiao Xu, and Hong Zhang, “Competition of the informed: Does the presence of short sellers affect insider selling?”, Journal of Financial Economics vol.118: pp268-288. 2015

Massimo Massa, Bohui Zhang, and Hong Zhang,“The Invisible Hand of Short Selling: Does Short-Selling Discipline Earnings Management?” Review of Financial Studies, vol.28: pp1701-1736.2015.

Li An,"Asset Pricing When Traders Sell Extreme Winners and Losers" (previously distributed under the name“The V-shaped Disposition Effect”) Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming. 2015.

Tim Bollerslev, Lai Xu and Hao Zhou,“Stock Return and Cash Flow Predictability: the Role of Volatility RiskJournal of Econometrics, vol. 187, pp458-471, 2015.

Turan Bali, Hao Zhou,Risk, Uncertainty, and Expected Returns” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming, 2015.

Lamont Black, Ricardo Correa, Xin Huang and Hao Zhou The Systemic Risk of European Banks during the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises” Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming, 2015.

Daniel Bradley, Tian Xuan, and Incheol Kim "Do Unions Affect Innovation?Management Science, forthcoming, 2015.

Tian Xuan and Cai Ye "Locations, Proximity, and M&A TransactionsJournal of Economics & Management Study, forthcoming, 2015.

Song Han, Hao Zhou Effect of Liquidity on the Nondefault Component of Corporate Bond Spreads:Evidence from Intraday Transactions Data” Quarterly Journal of Finance, forthcoming, 2015.

Tian Xuan and Udell, Gregory F. and Yu Xiaoyun "Disciplining Delegated Monitors: When Venture Capitalists Fail to Prevent Fraud by Their IPO FirmsJournal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming, 2015.

Yichen Gao, Wei Long, Zhengwei Wang. "Estimating average treatment effect by model averaging" Economics Letters, vol.135: pp42–45.2015.

Chinese Journal Publications

Li Liao, Lin Ji, Zhang Weiqiang, "Education and Credit: Evidence from P2P Lending PlatformJournal of Financial Research, vol.(03), pp147-159, 2015

Li Liao, Lin Ji, Zhang Weiqiang,"Role of Narratives in Lending Market: Evidence from P2P Lending Platfrom", Journal of Tsinghua University (Science and Technology), vol(04), pp413-421, 2015

Li Liao, Mengran Li, Zhengwei Wang, Peifei He, "Learning by Observing: Information Discovery and Herding Behavior in P2P Lending Market", Journal of Tsinghua University (Philosophy and Social Science), vol(01), pp156-165, 2015

Huan Dou, Huijuan Wang,"Private Equity Investment and Analysts Coverage on IPO Firms", Accounting Research, vol(2),pp44-50, 2015

Huijuan Wang, Lin He, "An Empirical Study of Borrowing Description’s Influence on P2P Lending" ,Financial Theory and Practice, vol(1), pp77-85, 2015

Yu Liang, Weiqiang Zhang, "The Gambling Stocks and the Gambling Preference of Investors, An Empirical Study on Chinese A-share Stock Market Data.", forthcoming, 2015

Guodong Han, "The Regulatory logic and International Experience of Equity-based Crowdfunding", forthcoming. 2015


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