2014 Journal Publications


English Core Journal Publications

Li Liao, Bibo Liu, Hao Wang, "China's Secondary Privatization: Perspectives from the Split-share Structure Reform," Journal of Financial Economics, vol.113(3), pp.500-518, 2014.

Thomas J. Chemmanur, Elena Loutskina, Xuan Tian, "Corporate Venture Capital, Value Creation, and Innovation," Review of Financial Studies, vol.27(8), pp.2434-2473, 2014.

Vivian W. Fang, Xuan Tian and Sheri Tice, "Does Stock Liquidity Enhance or Impede Firm Innovation," Journal of Finance, vol.69(5), pp.20852125, 2014.

Jess Cornaggia, Yifei Mao, Xuan Tian, Brian Wolfe, "Does banking competition affect innovation," Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

Chunmei Lin, Massimo Massa, Hong Zhang, Mutual Funds and Information Diffusion: The Role of Country-Level Governance,Review of Financial Studies, vol.27(11), pp.3343-3387, 2014.

Massimo Massa, Bohui Zhang, Hong Zhang, The Invisible Hand of Short Selling: Does Short-Selling Discipline Earnings Management?Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

Massimo Massa, Wenlan Qian, Weibiao Xu, Hong Zhang, Competition of the Informed: Does Short Selling Affect Insider Trading," Journal of Financial Economics, accepted.

Charles Cao, Lubomir Petrasek, "Liquidity Risk and Institutional Ownership," Journal of Financial Markets, vol. 21, pp.7697, 2014.

Charles Cao, Lubomir Petrasek, "Liquidity Risk in Stock Returns: An Event-study Perspective," Journal of Banking and Finance,vol.45, pp.72-83, 2014.

Charles Cao, Bradley Goldie, Bing Liang, Lubomir Petrasek, "What Is the Nature of Hedge Fund Manager Skills? Evidence from the Risk Arbitrage Strategy," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysi, forthcoming, 2014.

Thomas J. Chemmanur, Xuan Tian, "Communicating Private Information to the Equity Market before a Dividend Cut: An Empirical Analysis," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

Tim Bollerslev, James Marrone, Lai Xu, Hao Zhou, "Stock Return Predictability and Variance Risk Premia: Statistical Inference and International Evidence," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, vol.49, No.3, pp633-661, 2014.

Tim Bollerslev, Lai Xu, Hao Zhou, Stock Return and Cash Flow Predictability: the Role of Volatility Risk, with Tim Bollerslev and Lai Xu, Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming.

Hao Zhou, Turan G. Bali, "Risk, Uncertainty, and Expected Returns," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, accepted.

Zhiguo He, Si Li, Bin Wei, Jianfeng Yu, "Uncertainty, Risk, and Incentives: Theory and Evidence," Management Science, vol. 60 Issue 1, p206-226. 21p, 2014.  

Li Liao, Zhisheng Li, Weiqiang Zhang, Ning Zhu, "Exercise To Lose Money? Irrational Exercise Behavior From The Chinese Warrants Market," Journal of Futures Market, vol.34(5), pp.399-419, 2014.

Donghui Li, Li Liao, Yuanhang Lu, Xueyong Zhang, "Firm Headquarters Location, Ownership Structure, and Stock Return Co-Movements," Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, vol.30, pp.158-172, 2014.

Tian Xia, Zhengwei Wang, Kunpeng Li, "Financial Literacy Overconfidence and Stock Market Participation," Social Indicators Research, vol.119(3), pp.1233-1245, 2014.


Chinese Journal Publications

Jinyu Liu, Zhengwei Wang, Wuxiang Zhu, "Ownership, Marketization Reform and Financing Discrimination: Evidence from the Investment- Cash Flow Sensitivity of Chinese Listed Firms", Nankai Business Review, vol.(5), pp.126-135, 2014.

Lu Han, Wei Hog, Liyan Han, "A Wavelet Structural Model for Default Prediction", Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, vol.28(4), pp.137-145, 2014.

Yanling Lian, Xiaogang He, Hao Gao, "Performance Aspiration Discrepancy and Strategy Adjustment: An Empirical Study in China", Management World, vol.(11), pp.119-132, 2014.

Li Liao, Mengran Li, Zhengwei Wang, "Regional Discrimination in Chinese Internet Finance", Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, vol.(5), pp.54-70, 2014.

Li Liao, Mengran Li, Zhengwei Wang, "The Intelligent Investor: Not-Fully-Marketized Interest Rate and Risk Identify—Evidence from P2P Lending", Economic Research Journal, vol.(7), pp.125-137, 2014.

Huijuang Wang, Ran Zhang, Shiyang Hu, "Private Equity and Dividend Policy", Accounting Research, vol.(10), pp.51-58, 2014.

Huijuan Wang, Li Liao, "Chinese P2P Platform’s Credit Authentication Mechanism Research—Evidence from Renrendai", China Industrial Economics, vol.(4), pp.136-147, 2014.

Xueyong Zhang, Li Liao, Yuanhang Luo, "Venture Capital of Underwriters and IPO Underpricing—Based on Information Asymmetry Theory", China Industrial Economics, vol.(11), pp.90-101, 2014.

Xiaoling Wu, Ge Wu, "New White Plan or New Keynesian Plan -- constructing stable and efficient international monetary system", Exploration and Free Views, vol.(8), pp.59-62, 2014.

Jing Li, "Composite Index System of Equity Investment and Analysis of the Relative Intensity of the Capital Market", Science Technology and Industry, vol.14(4), pp.53-59, 2014.

Huijuang Wang, Chunyan Wei, Ran Zhang, "The Role of Private Equity in the Debt Financing Contract of Investee Companies: Evidence from China", Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University, vol.(9), pp.24-34, 2014.

Huijuan Wang, "The Lender’ s Investment Strategy in P2P Lending", Finance Forum, vol.(10), pp.29-36, 2014.

Huijuang Wang, "An Empirical Study of Borrowing Description Influence on P2P Lending", Financial Theory & Practice, vol.(8), pp.34-36, 2014.


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