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ZHANG Xiaohui Is Announced the new Dean of Tsinghua PBCSF

Time: 2019-04-23 13:25 Print

In the morning of April 23, 2019, the Tsinghua PBCSF Appointment Ceremony was held. ZHANG Xiaohui, former assistant governor of the People’s Bank of China, was appointed as the new Dean of the School.

Chen Xu, Chairperson of Tsinghua University Council, XU Qinghong, Director of Tsinghua Organization Department, faculty, staff and student representatives at Tsinghua PBCSF, attended the ceremony. Senior Associate Dean Gu Liangfei presided over the ceremony.


XU Qinghong made the announcement of the dean appointment.

CHEN Xu said it’s a significant decision for PBCSF for long-term development, and it was made on the base of full communication between Tsinghua University and the People's Bank of China, with views heard from all aspects. She pointed out that in the past seven years, WU Xiaoling, the Chairwoman and former Dean of the School, has led the School to a leap in talent cultivation, academic research, faculty team building and financial reform. On behalf of the University, Chen Xu expressed high respect and sincere thanks to Wu Xiaoling who will continue to serve as the Chairwoman of the School and provide guidance for the School’s development. 

CHEN Xu also pointed out that ZHANG Xiaohui, the new dean of PBCSF, is former assistant governor of the People’s Bank of China, and a leading expert and scholar in China's macroeconomic and monetary finance. It is with high expectation that Zhang Xiaohui will further guide and promote the work of the School to a higher level. 


Reviewing the past seven years, WU Xiaoling said the remarkable achievements was made due to the leadership of Tsinghua University, the Board of PBCSF, and the joint efforts of the faculty and staff. Her heart fills with full gratitude and gratification. The People’s Bank of China and Tsinghua University answers the call of China’s financial reform and international development, and made the decision to merge the School into Tsinghua University to achieve the integration of high-quality education and financial practice. Tsinghua University has put in great support in human, teaching and financial resources for PBCSF. She also expressed her heartfelt thanks to the faculty and staff at PBCSF. It is with full confidence that ZHANG Xiaohui will lead the School’s development to a new level. She is very gratified to see a young and energetic team and wishes everyone to remain true to their original aspiration, and work together for a better tomorrow.


On behalf of all the faculty, staff and students of the School, LIAO Li, the Executive Associate Dean expressed his heartfelt gratitude to WU Xiaoling for her dedication to the School and expressed his warmest welcome to the new Dean ZHANG Xiaohui. The School will continue to promote the School’s development, dedicated to building a world-class financial School.


ZHANG Xiaohui thanked the leadership of Tsinghua University and the faculty, staff and students for their trust and confidence. She expressed her high respect to WU Xiaoling's hard work and outstanding contributions to the School. She emphasized that the more development, the more challenges one will encounter. From good to great, the School need to surpass itself all the time. The School will strive to implement the educational philosophy of Tsinghua University, cultivate top talents for China's financial reform and opening-up, continue to promote high-level frontier theoretical exploration and policy research, and promote the development of the School to a higher level. She said, every era has its own theme and each generation has its own mission. The School will continue to explore in a more innovative, international and humane direction. Under the leadership of Tsinghua University, the Board of PBCSF, she is willing to work closely with the leadership, student, faculty and staff, alumni and friends, striving to build PBCSF a world-class financial school.




Dr. ZHANG Xiaohui is the Dean of Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance, Senior Research Fellow, and Supervisor for Ph.D. Candidates. She researched at Stanford University as a visiting scholar from 1999 to 2000, and attended the Leadership training program at Harvard Kennedy School in 2012. She has spent most of her career working for the central bank, as Assistant Governor of the PBC, a member of the PBC Monetary Policy Committee, Director General of the Monetary Policy Department and the Financial Market Department of the PBC, Senior Advisor to China’s IMF Executive Director, Chief Representative of the PBC’s Office in America and etc. With most of her life devoted to the research of macroeconomics, monetary policy, financial reform, RMB Internationalization, interest rate, exchange rate and etc., she has published dozens of papers in core academic journals. And research programs led by her have won provincial and ministerial awards for many consecutive years.