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Global Finance GFD

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About Us
The Global Finance GFD program has an intensive focus on domestic practice in China from global perspectives. It is designed to further support economic entities with solid and innovative financial practices. The program is an opportunity to join an elite forum for financial innovation and industry and finance combination, an opportunity to become global leaders with academic insights, and an opportunity for in-depth capacity building for senior executives of large financial institutions and corporations.

Program Features
· Lead financial practitioners and entrepreneurs toward an academic framework for critical thinking.
· Utilize case studies and action learning in a much more significant way to Identify, analyze and finally solve real-life problems.
· Equip participants with strategic mindset and global insights from a financial perspective, and establish financial awareness in industries and elevate to the next level.

Program Objectives
The Global Finance GFD program’s curriculum framework consists of five sections, and each section includes five learning modules.
Foundation Section - Advanced courses reinforcing integration of theory with practice. This section provides five modules: Global Legal System, History of Finance, Economic Indicators and the Global Economy, Corporate Governance as well as Global Leadership.
Finance Section - Core courses highlighting finance. This section provides five modules: Global Capital Market, Global Business Integration, Global Financial Innovation, Global Wealth Management, and Global Investment Strategy.
Industries Section - Featured courses demonstrating how successfully financial methods could facilitate businesses. This section provides five modules: Information Technology and Big Data Industries, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries, New Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries, Space, Ocean and Marine Industries, and Culture and Creative Industries.
Global Section - Transnational studies delivering global insights with sound local market intelligence. This section builds international and intercultural platforms for teaching, research, and dialogues. With partners from world-renowned financial regulatory authorities, top business schools, and frontiers in industries, we offer participants face-to-face interaction with distinguished scholars from first-tier business schools.
Research Section - Required courses integrating grounded theory and scientific research with professional practice. The DBA program qualifying examination emphasizes on discovering candidates’ academic research potential. The research methods courses focus on elevating their data analysis and interpretation capabilities, and the thesis supervisors’ instructions concentrate on developing their comprehensive capacity for financial practice oriented academic research.

Credit Requirements
Students need to acquire 55 credits of course work, and pass the oral defense of final dissertation.

Prospective Participants
Entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives of large companies and financial institutions.

To enter the program, you must:
1. Hold at least a master’s degree from a recognized university,
2. Have a minimum of 12 years’ management experience.

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