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The First China Resources Training Class Back from a Visit to US

Time: 2012-11-12 09:35 Print

On October 17th, 2012, the Overseas Training session for the 1st class of China Resources came to an end. The program was hosted by the Executive Education Office of the PBC school of Finance, in conjunction with other American business schoolstop financial institutions.

During the first module, Roy C. Smith, a professor of financeinternational business from NYU's Stern, gave a thoroughin-depth analysis titled 'Captive Finance Companies', including related background, evolution, financinginvesting structures,potential risks. Professor Robert F. Whitelaw, Dean of the Department of Finance, put a humorous interpretation on the role of asset management,shared with students his views in a series of presentations titled 'The Current Situation of Asset Management', 'Future Trends for Asset Management''RisksOpportunities Implied by Future Development of the Industry'. Another session on 'Financial Reconfiguration, RiskStrategy' was offered by Professor Ingo Walter, who attached special importance to topics which he titled 'Banking Concentration after the Financial Crisis', 'How to Raise CapitalLiquidity Ratios?''Strategic Positioning Adopted by Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division'.

The second module brought students to the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University,Professor David A. Walker offered a detailed explanation of major U.S. banking legislation. In the same module, Chair Professor Cao Quanwei from the Pennsylvania State University, gave a lesson on mutual funds, private-offered fundshedge funds,engaged students in discussions on several other related issues.

In their spare time, students made visits to GE Capital New York, Citibank New York, Credit Suisse Group, the New York Stock Exchange, LawsonPartners, Morgan Stanley New York, the American Bankers Association, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureauother prestigious financial institutions. Through interactiveeffective communication, students not only looked deeply into the methods of development for combining industryfinance, but gained new insight into how to enhance the performance of inter-disciplinary employeesrelated management practices. Afterwards, Mr. FENG Yi, Executive Vice-president of the School of Finance of China Resources UniversityCHO of China Resources Bank, presented souvenirs from China Resources University to the institutionsexpressed his hope for further communicationcorporation.

Students benefited considerably from the entire process of the training session. Centered on the combination of industryfinance, the training made full use of world-class resourcesenabled the students to acquire relevant study methodspractical experiences. Many students agreed that the training provided them with not only a comprehensive knowledge of the mature US market, but also a critical exploration of the significance of combining industryfinance in the Chinese market in future. This was an unprecedented opportunity for them in the development of their careers.