2012-2013 Journal Publications

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English Core Journal Publications

Charles Cao, Yong Chen, Bing Liang, Andrew Lo, "Can hedge funds time market liquidity?" Journal of Financial Economic,vol.109, pp.493-516, 2013.

Hao Wang, Hao Zhou, Yi Zhou, "Credit Default Swap Spreads and Variance Risk Premia," Journal of Banking and Finance, vol.37(10), pp. 3733-3746, 2013.

Li Liao, Li Zhisheng, Zhang Weiqiang, Zhu Ning, "Does the location of stock exchange matter? A within-country analysis, " Pacific Basin Finance Journal, vol.20(4), pp.561-582, 2012 . 

Si Li, Jeff Madura, Nivine Richie, "Bond Market Response to the Collapse of Prominent Investment Banks," with Jeff Madura and Nivine Richie, Financial Review,vol.48(4), pp.645-670, 2013.

Wuxiang Zhu, Zhengwei Wang, "Equity Financing Regulation and Corporate Capital Structure: A Model," China Finance Review International, vol.3(4), pp.322-339, 2013.

Zhengwei Wang, "Optimal Capital Structure: Case of SOE versus Private Listed Corporation," Chinese Management Studies, vol.7(4), pp.604-616, 2013.

Han Lu, Han Liyan, Zhao Hongwei, "Orthogonal Support Vector Machine for Credit Scoring," Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, vol.26(2), pp.848-862, 2013

Chinese Journal Publications

Zuoping Xiao, Li Liao, "Ultimate Controlling Shareholders, Law Environment and the Choice of Financing Structure", Journal of Management Science in China, vol.15(9), pp.94-96, 2012.

Li Liao, Bohong Fan, "The Design and Choice of Equity-selling Mechanisms under Information Asymmetry", Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, vol.(10), pp.83-99, 2012.

Jinbao Zhang, Li Liao, "Research on the Methods of Estimating the Income Distribution and Gini Coefficient of Urban Household base on the Interval Data", Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, vol.30(7), pp.116-130, 2013.

Zhengwei Wang, Wuxiang Zhu, Dongqing Zhao, Qingyun Ma, "Managerial Optimism and Convertible Bonds Financing: A Model and Case Study of Fuji Food Co.", Journal of Financial Research, vol.11(401), pp.180-192, 2013.

Chunxia Zhang, Chun Liu, Li Liao, "What are the Factors that Induce the Irrational Behaviors?", Statistical Research, vol.30(8), pp.92-101, 2013.

Chunxia Zhang, Chun Liu, Li Liao, "Applying the logistic model to the risky asset allocation: An empirical study on the questionnaires of the mutual fund investor", Journal of Tsinghua University (Science and Technology), vol.52(08), pp.1142-1149, 2012.

Xiaoling Wu, "Decelop Micro-credit and Promote Inclusive Finance", China Business and Market, vol.(5), pp.4-11, 2013.

Li Liao, Peifei He, Weiqiang Zhang, Hongbo Shen, "The Study on Overconfidence and Overtrading of Chinese Individual Investors", Investment Research, vol.32(8), pp.35-46, 2013.

Fenghua Nie, Xiaoliu Zhong, Shuqiang Song, "How to Build a Smart Classroom: from Concept to Implementation", Modern Education Technology, vol.23(7), pp.5-8, 2013.

Zhengwei Wang, Wuxiang Zhu, "Equity Financing Regulation and Corporate Financing", Investment Research, vol.32(11), pp.3-15, 2013.

Peifei He, Weiqiang Zhang, Chun Liu, Zhengwei Wang, "Does Mutual Fund's Risk Affect Investors’ Sensitivity to Its Performance? ", Operation Research and Management Science, vol.22(2), pp.159-164 , 2013.

Jing Li, Liyang Tang, "The Institutional Evolution of China’s Capital Market and the Selection of Supervision Mode—The Research Based on the New Comparative Institutional Economics", Finance & Trade Economics, vol.(08), pp.62-70, 2013