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Dual-Degree Finance MBA

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About the Program
This Dual Degree Finance MBA Program is jointly created by Tsinghua University’s PBC School of Finance and Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, and is the first of its kind where a top-tier global business school offers its undiluted MBA degree in mainland China. The two-year Program will operate mainly in Beijing at Tsinghua University and appeal to executive corporate and organizational leaders across China.

Program Goals
Based in the Greater China market, the Program aims to cultivate next generation leaders of international finance who are not only well-trained in the most advanced theories in world finance but also well-versed in the leading finance practices of local industries.

Program Highlights
- Part-time and Post-experience: The Program is designed to accommodate the demanding lifestyle of fast-rising corporate stars and entrepreneurs by holding classes mostly on weekends every other week, so that the students can balance their life, work and study.

- Bilingual Teaching: Although the recruiting is primarily done in Greater China region, the Program is designed to be bilingual for the purpose of attracting high quality students and the possibility of enrolling both Mandarin- and English-speaking students all over the world.

- Joint World Class Faculty: Faculty from both schools will share the teaching responsibilities equally. Approximately 75% of the Program will be delivered in China, primarily in Beijing. The remaining approximate 25% of the program will be delivered in New York City and/or Ithaca, NY.

- Study Trips to the US: Two highly intensive residential study periods, each approximate two weeks in duration, will bring the students to Cornell’s Ithaca and NYC Tech campuses. A case competition, a Wall Street trek and integration with Johnson MBA and Executive MBA will provide an optimal learning environment and opportunities for intense collaboration.

- Dual Degrees: The graduates of the Program will receive two degrees after successfully completing all the academic requirements of both Schools, an FMBA from Tsinghua University and an MBA from Cornell.

Apply Online
If you are interested in getting a world class finance education with both a global perspective and Chinese insights, we encourage you to explore the Program and submit your application online via the following link:

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