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Councils & Committees

Academic Advisory Committee

The Committee shall give advice on:

1. Establishment of goals and strategic positioning;

2. Discipline and faculty development;

3. Degree and non-degree program cooperation.


Strategic Council

The Council shall give advice pertaining to:

1. School development planning;

2. Curriculum and course design;

3. Establishment of research institutions and key research projects;

4. Student career development;

5. Fund raising;

6. Cooperation with major international projects.


Academic Committee

The Committee shall:

1. Review course and program design;

2. Review teaching and research plans;

3. Evaluate teaching and research outcomes.


Academic Degrees Review Sub-Committee

The Subcommittee shall:

1. Review the teaching plan and course setting for graduate students;

2. Approve the chairperson and membership of Doctoral Degree Curriculum and Examination Committee and Direct Doctoral Program Qualification Examination Committee;

3. Approve the membership of Master’s Degree Thesis Defense Committee;

4. Approve membership in Doctoral Dissertation Defense Committee;

5. Review candidates’ exam and oral defense results, approve the granting of Master’s degree or recommend the granting of Doctoral Degree, and submit decisions to the Academic Committee the decisions for final approval;

6. Review changes of researches concerning Master’s degree and Doctoral degree conferral;

7. Review degree-granting applications;

8. Review new doctoral supervisor applications;

9. Deny the granting of degrees due to candidates’ failure to meet school requirements and submit decisions to the Academic Committee for approval;

10. Other matters concerning academic degrees 

Strategic Council (in alphabetical order)