Campus Life

Valid Stay in China

Every foreigner must have valid passport and visa/residence permit to stay in China. Staying with expired or fake passport and visa/residence permit will be treated as being illegal. Therefore, please pay attention to the status of your passport and visa/residence permit and make sure not to leave them expired.

Foreigners living in China should also register the accommodation address at the local police station. Within 24 hours after moving into a new place, the foreigner should take the passport to the local police station or other authorized organization with his/her landlord to get a Registration Form of Temporary Residence.

We will collect and organize the registration the next day after arrival.


You’ll share a room with another student of same gender.


You’ll be given meal coupons for meal purchase at dining hall. Please note that we do not provide special food or religious food for special needs. If you have special food requirements, we would suggest you to bring your own food.


The gym is open 7-24 at B1 of dormitory.

Basketball Court

There is one basketball court at the campus. Basketball can be borrowed at the reception.