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All Wudaokou alumni (a popular nickname of Tsinghua PBCSF) are automatically granted lifelong membership in the Wudaokou Alumni Association. The Association seeks to unite alumni in support of PBCSF by nurturing each alumna and alumnus’s relationships with the School and with other alumni. To better serve our alumni, the School established the Alumni Affairs Office . With 1887 alumni, our alumni network offers a wealth of knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities. Alumni also enjoy privileged access to many of the services the Alumni Affairs Office has to offer.

  • Alumni Activities, including but not limited to, Reunion, Alumni Day, School day, Thank-you Parties for Teachers, Alumni Finance Forums and Seminars, Theme Activities, and Parent-child Activities.

  • The Association’s information platforms include but are not limited to the Wudaokou Alumni website (, the alumni network community, the official weibo, ( and weibo group, the wechat (pbcsf_alumni), lifelong free email accounts, and alumni ID cards (for school access and library borrowing).

  • Membership in the Association includes access to important information sharing. The Office is responsible for collecting school and alumni information, and for editing alumni magazines (both internal and published prints).

  • The Association invests heavily in alumni education. With effective IDs, alumni can borrow books from the Finance Library of Tsinghua University, read in other Tsinghua libraries, attend lectures, and enjoy opportunities for further education provided by the School.

  • The Association also assists in alumni reception. The Office receives visiting alumni and helps alumni contact other University departments. 

Want to contact us?

Alumni Affairs Office

Address: Room 1-603, 43 Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100083, P.R. CHINA

Phone: +0086-10-62798359