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Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance dedicate itself to building a top think tank in finance. Drawing on its cutting edge research capacity, it will server industry with research on financial reform and development, and provide policy analysis and advice for financial policy-makers and regulations.

333 Research Projects


24 research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China

5 research projects funded by National Social Science Fund of China

98 other research projects funded by a variety of government ministries and commissions

187 research projects funded by enterprises and institutions

471 Papers Published in Leading Academic Journals

Including 239 academic papers published in top international journals.

81 Books

Covering China’s capital market, fintech, corporate finance, behavioral finance, consumer finance, green finance and other fields.

121 Academic Awards


3 Outstanding Scientific Research Awards for Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education of the PRC

2 Outstanding Scientific Research Awards for Philosophy and Social Sciences, Beijing

1 Fudan Premium Awards of Management for Outstanding Contributions

3 SunYefang Financial Innovation Award

1 Highly Cited Researchers, Clarivate

3 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers, Elsevier

168 Cases

Including 14 cases accepted by Harvard Business School.

786 research reports