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Master of Sci-Tech and Finance

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The Master of Sci-Tech and Finance Program is the first master program in China that focuses on the indepth  integration of scientific innovation and finance. The program is offered by Tsinghua University PBC School of  Finance and supported by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the Tsinghua University Office of Technology  Transfer, and Beijing Tsinghua Industrial R&D Institute.



The program is to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with  global vision, scientific and technological innovation  capability, and financial market expertise. Through modular  and practice-oriented training, the graduates will be  equipped with skills in commercializing scientific and  technological research, improving the efficiency of the  commercialization of emerging technologies, and promoting  China's high-quality development.

Innovative Capability in Transforming  Scientific Achievements

The program helps students to acquire  capabilities of technological innovation,  leadership, and integration of multi-resources,  to lead the technology transfer and  commercialization by leveraging on capital  markets.

Management Strategies for High-Tech  Industry

The program equips the students with  skillsets in technology transfer and relevant  procedures, coordinating resources of  multiple parties, and daily operation of  technology companies.

Financial Market Expertise in  Promoting New Technologies

The program trains students to identity  investment opportunities in high-tech  industry, integrate technological  development and financial resources, and  pilot the financial markets to transferring  innovation from science to business.



* The curriculum is tentative and subject to change.