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Executive Education

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Advantages and Features

The Executive Education of Tsinghua PBC School of Finance’s is dedicated to empowering senior executives by helping them develop financial capabilities and improve expertise. We also help organizations by providing them with customized learning solutions for talent cultivation.

Our financial research platform and state think-tank cater to market needs, and focus on cutting-edge financial issues. We emphasize practice and value, help executives grasp trends in policy changes, and plan further development of enterprises to achieve capital appreciation.

Based on a superb financial research platform and academic strength in both Chinese and Western economic and financial studies, Tsinghua PBCSF is committed to solving fast-changing financial problems in China and keeps powerful impact in the process of financial reform and development in China.

Currently, we offer an extensive selection of programs for executives: open enrollment programs for individuals, custom programs for leading companies and financial institutions, as well as global programs collaborated with top-notch business schools and universities around the world.

Core Features

Grasp the essence of global financial development and pioneer China’s financial innovation

Open Programs

Designed for senior executives of enterprises in the real economy and financial institutions, our open programs cater to market needs, focus on cutting-edge financial issues, emphasize practice and value and help senior executives increase their financial and professional capacity.

Custom Programs

Our custom programs help Chinese corporations tackle real business issues and better connect to the fast-changing global market. The programs integrate resources of the university and financial industry, and are closely linked to financial practices. With extraordinary expertise, our instructors include senior of officials from regulatory agencies, senior professionals within the financial industry and academic scholars. We offer high flexibility in the design of curriculum, location and timetable based on the request of clients. Our custom program managers work closely with institution to design programs targeting specific goals of each client.