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Campus Life

At Tsinghua PBCSF, students are deeply involved with the community. To foster students’ self-development, the School organizes a myriad of campus activities, including academic workshops, social work, sports, and cultural events.

Students’ Union

PBCSF Students’ Union, established on April 28, 2012, exists to represent the interests of all PBCSF students. The Union is a member of Tsinghua Graduate Union. Its mission is to provide every PBCSF student with a wide range of student services designed to meet their needs on campus.

Union Structure & Function

The Union offers support of all kinds to students of all backgrounds.

It consists of the President, Vice-Presidents, Department Directors, Vice-directors, and Staff. There are 5 departments with specific responsibilities: Internal Communication, Education, Entertainment, Sports, and Welfare.

From hosting internal entertainment activities including welcome party, New Year party, to hosting movie nights and singing competitions, The Union does a great deal to enrich students’ lives on campus.