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Tsinghua PBCSF Welcomes New Students of 2022

Time: 2022-09-09 15:34 Print

On August 23, 2022, Tsinghua PBCSF welcomes its new students of class 2022. The campus was filled with hope and laughter.

Students are warmly welcomed by faculty and staff at Tsinghua PBCSF.

Signs and posters prepared by student volunteers.

Just arrived!

For Fan Daoxu, a Master of Finance student 2022, coming to Tsinghua PBCSF is her dream comes true. After 2-year working experience since her bachelor degree, Daoxu decided to go back to classroom for more knowledge and specialized training. “Interest is the most important. I adhere to where my passion lies and I wish to shoulder up the social responsibilities that entrusted to our generation”, she said.

Guo Yuchen, Master of Finance 2022, who obtained her Bachelor Degree at Tsinghua University, was admitted to Tsinghua PBCSF with the highest score in the Graduates Recommendation Examination. “I first heard about PBCSF from my elders, when I was very little.” Yuchen said, “I gained a better understanding of the School especially in the financial stability and financial governance during my bachelor study. Now, I am one step closer.”

Wang Rui, a Master of Finance 2022 student, thinks that a finance student shall not only have the solid knowledge of economics, but also solid mathematical skills for modern research methods and tools. “That’s why I am here at Tsinghua PBCSF.” Wang Rui said, “I look forward to the communications with excellent Daokouers.” “When there is a dream, there won’t be any fears.” Wang Rui added.

For He Longjiang, a new PhD candidate, Tsinghua PBCSF provides a valuable opportunity to get close to financial practice and make interesting and useful research based on China's economy. “Some marginal contributions to academia, financial practices, and national development- that will be enough.” Longjiang said.

Sun Chengbin, whose dream is to become the best and most conscientious secondary market fund manager in China, is a student of Master of Finance 2022. “I am lucky enough to be part of Tsinghua PBCSF. I will make my efforts to help the general public to maintain and increase their wealth, and contribute to common prosperity.” Chengbin said.