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Graduation 2023

Time: 2023-06-27 08:31 Print

On June 25, graduates of Tsinghua PBCSF enjoyed a warm and unforgettable graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held on campus among 2023 graduates, as well as guests, school leaders, faculty representatives, and alumni.

(At the Graduation Ceremony)

The graduation ceremony started with a song Wings of My Words that feels the love of the PBCSF students for the school.

(Photo of Gu Liangfei)

Gu Liangfei, Chairperson of the School Council, delivered the opening speech. He wished all graduates a successful new journey, and hoped that everyone should have their fingers on the pulse, shoulder the mission, uphold fundamental principles and break new ground. He encouraged students to advance with the new era, and contribute to the financial reform for high-quality national economic development and its path to modernization.

Mr. Gu expected students to hold on to their beliefs, and firmly establish prudent awareness. He encouraged students to pursue innovation and excellence. With the guidance of school tradition - “Endeavour, Innovation, Harmony, Contribution”, the graduates are encouraged to strive, explore, harvest and win a prosperous future.

(Photo of Lu Lei)

Lu Lei, Phd alumni 2001, Deputy Administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) made the guest speech. He shared his understanding of “truth, reform, equilibrium and harmony” and hoped all students should “base on the truth”, “pursue the truth” and “approach the truth”. He hoped students to work and unite together, and achieve greater success in their pursuit of life.

(Photo of Zhou Chengjun)

Zhou Chengjun, Director of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) Financial Research Institute, made a guest speech. He said that though separation is inevitable, students should be prepared to face new challenges in life with full enthusiasm and a proud attitude. He hoped that students could develop strong skills, and rise to the challenge with courage. Zhou encouraged graduates to contribute to the national development and shine in serving national economy, finance, and people.

(Photo of Wang Zhengwei)

Wang Zhengwei, Associate Dean of Tsinghua PBCSF, announced the award of “Outstanding Graduate of Tsinghua University”, “the Outstanding Graduate of Beijing”, “the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Tsinghua University”, “the Outstanding Master's Dissertation Award”, “the Outstanding Class Leader and Graduates of the 13th Tsinghua PBCSF Corporate Capital Strategy Program”, “the 7th Global Entrepreneur Leadership Program” and the “9th Financial Media Program”, as well as ” the Award for Pioneering and Award for Contributions”, which is to encourage the outstanding graduates to work in key rural areas of the country, especially in western region. 

(Graduate Representatives)

Student representatives from PhD in Finance, Master of Finance, MBA of Finance, Finance EMBA, and, the 13th Tsinghua PBCSF Corporate Capital Strategy Program made their graduation speeches, respectively.


"Remember you, dear teacher ...." The graduation ceremony concluded with the song Remember you. Bearing the wishes and expectations of the school, the graduates will take solid steps forward, as the new generation to national rejuvenation.