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Tsinghua PBCSF Welcomes 2023 Students

Time: 2023-09-11 15:23 Print

窗体On September 6, Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance Opening Ceremony 2023 was grandly held in Tsinghua University Auditorium amidst the resounding and solemn national anthem.

(Scene of the Ceremony)

Gu Liangfei, Chairperson of the School Council, delivers an opening speech. The arrival of new students adds vitality to the School. Gu hopes the students will cherish the study time, and fully enable their future career development. He suggests students to expand international perspective and contribute to world development and national rejuvenation. The School is well prepared to support everyone to explore and achieve in his study, and to lift up students’ big dreams, said Gu.

(Gu Liangfei makes an opening speech)

Zhou Chengjun, Director of the People's Bank of China Financial Research Institute delivers a guest speech. He points that over four decades of trials and hardships, Tsinghua PBCSF has grown into one of the financial school with the highest level of finance education and the closest connection with the financial sector in China. The Research Institute will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Tsinghua PBCSF, and effectively promote the high-quality talent training program to a new height. Zhou shares with students his academic experiences and tells students that to keep calm, root in practices and get involve in international communication, in their pursuit of academic study. Zhou encourages students to shoulder the heavy responsibility entrusted by the times.

(Zhou Chengjun delivers a speech)

Chen Daofu, Deputy Director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Alumnus of Master of Finance 1999 and Ph.D. in Finance 2007 delivers a speech as alumni representative. He is filled with emotions, when coming back to School. The study and life in PBCSF for him is full of warmth and memory. Chen encourages students to focus on real skills and knowledge in practice and adhere to the tradition of PBCSF. He hopes students to have diligence, integrity and compliance with fiduciary duty and continue to participate in the wave of financial development.

(Chen Daofu delivers a speech)

Wang Zhengwei, Associate Dean of PBCSF presides over the ceremony.

(Wang Zhengwei presides over the ceremony)

Six new student representatives expressed their vision and aspiration. Their new journey has just begun guided by the Tsinghua moto and the School tradition.

(New student representatives make speeches)

The development of the School cannot be without the strong support of the alumni and the social community. The Awarding Ceremony of the Education Contribution Award is held in the Opening Ceremony.

(Awarding Ceremony of the Education Contribution Award)

The Ceremony concluded successfully in anthem of Tsinghua University.