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Cornell- Tsinghua Dual Degree Finance MBA Program won the first place of the "Top 10 Best Finance MBA Programs" of Chinese business schools

Time: 2024-01-02 10:32 Print

Recently, the 2023 China Business School Educational Development Forum and Grand Ceremony took place. The ceremony released the 2023 ranking of the "Top 10 Best Finance MBA Programs" of Chinese business schools, and the Cornell- Tsinghua Dual Degree Finance MBA Program offered by Tsinghua University’s PBC School of Finance once again won the first place, ranking first for five consecutive times since the establishment of this award.

Zhang Lu, the Deputy Director of the Finance MBA Center, was present to receive the award on behalf of the program.

The ranking list is co-released by MBAChina and the Manager Magazine, with its findings accessible through CNKI. This ranking is the result of a rigorous and transparent evaluation process, adhering strictly to the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness. To compile this comprehensive list, a third-party organization conducted an extensive investigation that encompassed more than 200 MBA programs from various regions across China. The process involved a meticulous data collection, institutional reporting, and questionnaire surveys, among other evaluation work.. The evaluation framework for determining the top finance MBA programs was multifaceted, incorporating ten critical dimensions, including expertise of the faculty, effectiveness of teaching management,  quality of the curriculum,  degree of discipline integration, extent of program internationalization, brand influence, and several other key factors. It has garnered strong support and wide recognition from MBA colleges across China.

The Cornell-Tsinghua Dual Degree Finance MBA program stands at the forefront of educational innovation and business education reform, actively seeking out and implementing advanced methodologies to deepen global economic connections and provide a fertile environment for the development of Chinese financial management talent. Since its inception in 2015,  the program welcomes  its ninth intake of students in 2023. Operating in alignment with the world's most advanced financial disciplines and higher education models for business schools, the program has been consistently dedicated to nurturing versatile financial leaders who are attuned to the needs and dynamics of the Chinese market, and equipped with an international perspective and proficiency in professional knowledge. As the Cornell-Tsinghua Dual Degree Finance MBA program continues its journey, it remains committed to setting benchmarks for excellence and innovation in financial education. Its ongoing mission is to lead the path toward high-quality financial development in China and to drive business education forward, making it responsive and adaptive to the ever-evolving era of technological advancements and societal evolution.