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Tsinghua PBCSF Students and Staff Visit Germany for the “Central Bank International Week”

Time: 2024-05-06 10:15 Print

For the purpose of expanding global perspectives and leading financial practice, from April 6 to April 13, a group of 22 students and staff from Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance traveled to Hachenburg, Germany, to participate in the annual "Central Bank International Week" hosted by the Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences.

Group photo of the student and staff representatives

The purpose of this exchange program was to broaden the international perspectives and enrich the financial practice experience of the participants. Students, faculty and staff from China, Germany, France, Poland, and Slovakia, specializing in economics and finance, engaged in a series of academic exchanges and practical activities. The topics covered included the European Central Bank system, financial innovation, and challenges facing the banking sector.

On April 7, the participants visited the castle of the Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences and had in-depth exchanges with the students there, learning about their study and living environments. Professor Erich Keller, the president of the Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences, welcomed the visitors in the banquet hall and outlined the schedule for the "Central Bank International Week".

The group visiting the campus and taking a group photo with the local students

The students actively participated in the "2024 Hachenburg Cup — Banking Challenges," discussing topics such as digitalization, decarbonization, demographic issues, and deglobalization. They demonstrated excellent cross-cultural communication skills, teamwork, and innovation.

Group members participating in discussions

During the “cultural evening” event, students from various countries showcased their local cuisines and traditional costumes, and exchanged exquisite gifts. The students from the PBC School of Finance also displayed their talents by singing, dancing, and performing traditional Chinese calligraphy. The entire evening was filled with joy and enthusiasm, highlighting the inclusivity and interaction between different cultures.

Group members interacting during the cultural night

The organizers also took the students to visit places like Marksburg Castle, Koblenz, and the Deutsche Bundesbank Money Museum, providing detailed insights into the local history and culture. During the visit to the Money Museum, Martin Portzen, a director at the Bundesbank, discussed the Bundesbank's monetary policy and its cooperation with central banks worldwide, offering the students a global perspective on central bank management.

The group walking through Hachenburg

The group visiting the Deutsche Bundesbank Money Museum

During the Closing Ceremony, Professor Erich Keller presented certificates to the students, acknowledging their active contributions to the academic exchange activities and congratulating them on successfully completing the program.

The "Central Bank International Week" exchange program is part of a long-term cooperation signed between the PBC School of Finance and the Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences. The school has gradually built a diverse system for cultivating students' global competencies, including joint doctoral training, winter camps, financial leaders of tomorrow summer program, central bank international week, overseas internships, and short-term international exchanges, enhancing students' global perspectives and fostering well-rounded international financial talents.