Research Areas

The PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University dedicates itself to building China's top think tank in finance, drawing on its cutting-edge research capacity. It will serve industry with research on the financial reform and development, and provide policy analysis and counseling for financial policymakers and regulators.

Our research areas include, but are not limited to:

◆Global economic and financial patterns and development trends

◆Development and evolution of international monetary systems

◆Governing structures of international finance

◆Development of international financial institutions and China’s involvement

◆Internationalization of RMB

◆Causes and precautions of international financial crises

◆China’s fiscal and monetary policy

◆Connection between financial system and the real economy

◆Establishment of multi-faceted capital market and venture capital system

◆Functioning and regulation of China’s financial industry

◆Strategy and system construction for universal education of financial literacy

in China

◆Entrepreneurial finance and sustainable economic growth

◆Consumer finance and the transformation of economic growth patterns

◆Internet Finance