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Research Team for Listed Company

Tsinghua University’s NIFR Research Team for Listed Company was established in September 2016 as a top think-tank platform that was initiated by Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance. The team is engaged in the research of listed companies and  capital markets. The team has devoted to the research of global corporate governance models and evolution, financial regulation, governance of Chinese listed companies and state-owned enterprises, governance of wealth management products, and intergovernmental governance. The team is committed to providing support and services for related economic and financial decisions and is aiming to build a leading collaborative innovation research platform in China, a influential training and communication platform for talents, and an organic interactive investment practice platform of government, industry, university and academic research.

The team adopts the director responsibility system. The team’s director Dr. Xian Wang is associate dean of the Tsinghua University’s National Institute of Finance Research, research fellow of Tsinghua University PBC school of finance, a member of the Global Capital Advisory Committee of Harvard Law School, a member of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Academic Committee, and the Chairman of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index Committee. Dr. Wang who has extensive theoretical and practical experience has been engaged in the financial regulation and research of financial markets for many years.

The team has 5 full-time researchers, 2 part-time researchers and 1 administrative assistant. The team is recruiting outstanding full-time and part-time researchers and a group of outstanding talents with international academic backgrounds as research assistants to conduct researches in the fields of corporate governance, financial regulation and capital markets.

Research areas include: financial regulation and the history of financial reform; Macro structure and micro structure of capital market; Corporate governance; REITs governance and so on.