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2020 Journal Publications

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English Journal Publications

Li An, Huijun Wang, Jian Wang, Jianfeng Yu, "Lottery-Related Anomalies And Reference-Dependent Preferences", Management Science, Vol.66(1), pp.473-501, 2020.

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Emma Li, Li Liao, Zhengwei Wang, Hongyu Xiang, "Venture Capital Certification And Customer Response: Evidence From P2P Lending Platforms", Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol.60, 101533, 2020.

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Ying Zou, Zhen Zhao, Sha Shi, Lei Wang, Yunfeng Peng, Yuan Ping, Baocang Wang, "Highly Secure Privacy-Preserving Outsourced k-Means Clustering under Multiple Keys in Cloud Computing ", Security and Communication Networks, Vol.2020, 2020.

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Tongtong Hao, Ruiqi Sun, Trevor Tombe, Xiaodong Zhu, "The Impact Of Migration Policy On Growth, Structural Change, And Regional Inequality In China", Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol.113,pp.112-134, 2020.

Chinese Journal Publications

Meng Feng, "Multi-product Export Firms, Product Switching and Learning by Exporting", Journal of International Trade, 2020(09):50-64.

JunJian Gu, Yulin Zhao, "How does Financial Development Affect the Position in Global Value Chains?—From the Perspective of Synergy with Technological Innovation", Studies of International Finance, 2020(07):35-44.

Jiandong Ju, Xinding Yu, Bing Lu, Xin Li, "Analysis of the "Tripod" Structure in the Global Value Chain Network", China Journal of Economics,  2020,7(04):1-20.

Jiandong Ju, Wan peng, Xinding Yu, "A Dual Architecture with a Tri-polar Regional Order for Global Governance in the New Globalization Era", World Economics and Politics, 2020(09):123-154+159-160.

Jiandong Ju, Kang Shi, Shangjin Wei, Li Li, Yuguang Nie, "非线性资本流动税:中国资本流动管理与金融危机防范机制", New Finance Review, 2020(01):121-151.

Jiandong Ju, Guangtao Xia, "The Tri-Polar International Monetary System under China-US Trade Disputes",  Studies of International Finance, 2020(03):3-12.

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Zhen Li, Yingge Liu, Yicheng Dai, "The Impact of Libra on China't Monetary Policy and Its Countermeasures", Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University(Social Sciences), 2020(03):55-63.

Zhen LiWei Yuan, "美国金融科技最新立法监管动态及对我国的启示", Financial Theory & Practice, 2020(04):69-76.

Li Liao, Mengyun Li,Zhengwei Wang, "Can Borrowers' Social Capital Reduce Its Loan Default Rates——Evidence from Cash Loan Market", China Industrial Economics, 2020(10):5-23.

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Ming Zhu, Chao Tang, Chongyang Zheng, "Research on the Recovery Path of Global Economy under COVID-19 Pandemic—— Enlightenment from Italy", Journal of SUIBE, 2020,27(04):5-20.

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Chongyang Zheng, Peike He, "Deindustrialization, Technology Gap and Technology Spillover Effect of Industrial Relocation", Journal of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, 2020(02):1-11.