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Center for International Finance and Economics Research

Four decades after China’s reform and opening-up, globalization is now facing a structural adjustment. International finance, trade, and business are all entering a new stage of development. China is now facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. It is important in this new era to reconstruct the international trading system, reform the international financial system, and improve global governance mechanisms, and there is much progress to be made.

 Tsinghua University National Institute of Financial Research - Center for International Finance and Economics Research (CIFER) was established in November 2017 as an academic, policy and enterprise research institution that focuses on international finance, international trade and global governance. It is based in the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University. With the mission of “Gathering talents, rooting in China, and serving the world”, the center is committed to becoming a platform for research and communication for outstanding international economists to promote the development and application of international economic theories.

 The center pays attention to economic events in China, and focuses on major theoretical and policy issues in the fields of international finance and economics, and makes full use of Tsinghua University's advantages in theoretical research, international exchange and policy communication to build an international platform that serves national strategies and promotes global development. At present, the center has the top international economics research team in China, conducting research in major branches of international economics. Research interests include Sino-American trade relations, global economic governance reconstruction, preventing and defusing major risks, new international currency systems, exchange rate determination theory and exchange rate forecasting, industrial restructuring and industrial policy research, commodity trade and supply chain finance, dynamic structure analysis and new economic geography.

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