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Research Centre for Culture and Creativity Finance

The Research Team for Culture and Creativity Finance is initiated by Tsinghua University and established with the support of SKC. the team focuses on the academic and practical research of cultural and creative finance and technologies, and is committed to becoming an authoritative think tank in the field of cultural and creative finance in China, a training platform with industry influence, and an innovative industry incubation and collaborative innovation platform.

The main functions of the team include:

Research: The team conducts theoretical research and practical exploration of the cultural and creative industry, with the idea "innovation-driven development strategy". It focuses on promoting the development of China's cultural and creative industries through financial and technological innovation, and contributing to the inheritance and prosperity of Chinese culture. At the same time,
the team will establish a platform for the release of results, and organize activities regularly such as the "China Cultural and Creative Finance Forum" and "China Cultural and Creative Finance 50 Forum" to promote cooperation, at the same time to create a professional communication platform.

Talent training:
the team offers advanced training courses for cultural and creative financial leaders. Famous professors home and abroad give lessons to executives in cultural and creative industry with the latest policies and industrial development trends. the team also launches a non-profit project called "Wen Chuang Xing Project", also known as Tsinghua University Chinese Entrepreneur Training Camp. Wen Chuang Xing provides business and financial guidance for outstanding young entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industry in order to speed up their companies.

Incubator and innovative projects:
the team incubates cultural and creative projects, with industry and government resource. The main project directions include: Chinese intangible cultural heritage, globalization of Chinese culture, film finance and other innovative practice of culture, financial and technology.

At present,
the team has established strategic cooperation with enterprises, investment institutions and the government, together to promote prosperity of culture industry.