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Entrepreneurial Finance and Economic Growth Research Center

Research Team for Entrepreneurial Finance and Economic Growth at Tsinghua University National Institute of Financial Research is a leading destination for entrepreneurial finance and economic growth research and training. The primary objective of the team is to build a bridge between the academic world and the financial industry and to promote China’s economic growth through rigorous and quantitative research on the finance and growth of entrepreneurial firms. The team provides research and training programs that focus on entrepreneurial finance (Angle Investors, Venture Capital, and Private Equity), corporate innovation, and economic growth. The team also undertakes research projects sponsored by the central bank, financial regulators, government agencies, and companies.t. 

The team’s director is Dr. Xuan Tian, JD Capital Chair Professor of Finance at PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University. Dr. Tian’s main research focuses on venture capital, private equity, and corporate innovation. His research has been published in leading academic journals. The team’s staff includes full-time and affiliated researchers as well as full-time research assistants.