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Minsheng Wealth Management Research Center

Minsheng Wealth Management Research Center, which sits on the platform provided by the Tsinghua PBCSF, is a leading destination for finance research and training. The Center is funded by China Minsheng Bank. The primary objective of the Center is to build a bridge between the academic world and the financial industry with a combination of theory and practice through quantitative methodologies. With this approach, it analyzes financial products, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, and financial derivatives.

The Center also focuses on current issues such as E-finance and interest rate Liberalization. It studies not only the operating mechanism behind the wealth management industry based on related policies and statistics, but also strives to acquire accurate forecasting results by studying market data from China’s financial markets. Our research is objective and provoking. The Center is also devoted to educating professionals from financial institutions, thus raising the quality standard of China’s wealth management industry.